How to Make 100K Monthly in Laundry Business in Nigeria 2024

How to Make 100K Monthly in Laundry Business
How to Make 100K Monthly in Laundry Business in Nigeria 2024

How to Make 100K Monthly in Laundry Business in Nigeria 2024

Laundry services is one of the many profitable enterprises that exist in Nigeria. With the correct value proposition and clientele, this firm can bring in at least N2,000 each day to 100K Monthly. How to Make Money in Laundry Business in Nigeria

The wonderful thing is that even on a tight budget, you may launch a washing business in Nigeria.

A detailed advice on how to launch a laundry business in Nigeria is given in this article. You will gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the equipment, setup, and cost, all in a step-by-step manner.

What Is the Laundry Business?

The laundry business involves providing laundry services to individuals, businesses, or institutions. This can include washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes and other textiles. Laundry businesses may operate in various forms, including self-service laundromats where customers use coin-operated machines, drop-off or pickup services where customers leave their laundry to be washed and returned, or full-service laundry facilities where staff handle all aspects of the laundry process.

Laundry businesses may cater to residential customers, offering services for personal clothing and household linens, or they may focus on commercial clients such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions that require large-scale laundry services. Some laundry businesses also offer specialty services such as dry cleaning, alterations, and garment repairs.

Here are the few basic Ways to generate 100K Monthly in Laundry Business in 2024

1. Select a name for your company.

Selecting a company name that captures your vision, values, and personality is one of the most exciting aspects of learning how to launch a laundry business in Nigeria.

Choosing the ideal name for your laundry service is a skill that requires extensive research and hours of thought.

So how does one pick the ideal moniker for a laundry company? Let’s begin by defining what makes a good company name:

It is simple to say and spell.
It conveys the essence of the company.
It also contains the name of a comparable commodity or service.
The name has a pleasing tone in both English and other languages. Some names that would be appropriate for a laundry business are Laundromat, Laundry Services, and Laundry Plus.

2. Choose a suitable place.

Choosing a decent location is crucial for your washing business. The location of your company might be quite beneficial. Selecting a site where there is less competition is advised. It will be beneficial if you can locate an area free from significant rivalry from major firms. It shouldn’t be a write-off, either, because your excellent customer service can attract new clients.

Think about sites in public areas. locations near the road so onlookers can view and recognize your company. This implies that the area should be bustling with people passing through or heading to work.

It must to be situated in a residential neighborhood, or a place where people actually live.An estate is an excellent location, but it should be at a busy intersection.

Remember that your location can have an impact on the price you charge. You will charge more if your location is in a wealthy neighborhood. Your rent will go up, though.

3. Renting A shop & Acquire the Necessary Equipment

Leasing a store for your laundry in a convenient location is the first step in launching your laundry business. When renting a store, a few items to think about include competition, shop rent, accessibility, and security.

A successful firm requires the equipment necessary to do its tasks, which cannot be obtained or purchased without it. Some of the supplies needed to start a washing business are listed above; if your business grows, you can purchase additional supplies.

4. Draft a business strategy.

Making a business strategy is the next step in starting a laundry business in Nigeria. A business plan is a written document that details the goals and methods of a company. Usually, one of the managers or the company’s founders writes it.

It is among the most crucial documents that Nigerian businesses must draft. It provides you with all the information you require about your business, including its vision, mission, and goals as well as the risks it faces and how it plans to mitigate them.

A business plan should therefore be well-written, succinct, and simple enough for investors to grasp.

A business plan is a written document that gives the owner of the firm an outline of what the company will do. and the method it will use. It contains an overview of the business, along with its goals, objectives, and core values. It also contains the company’s financial data and its outlook for the future.

Among the essential elements of a business plan are the following:

  • Description of the business
  • Mission statement
  • Mission statement
  • Statement of values
  • financial data

5. Promotion Your Dry Cleaning Business

Marketing is just advertising your laundromat or any other services you provide. The secret to success is reaching those you want to reach and raising awareness.

You can advertise your firm using digital or traditional marketing techniques. Using offline marketing tools like billboards, where you can place your services in prominent places, is part of the traditional marketing strategy.

Additionally, you can advertise your company on newspaper pages, with flyers, or by making direct phone calls to friends and coworkers who are on your contact list.

To reach more target audiences on digital platforms, you can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook updates, and WhatsApp status updates.

6. Select a company structure.

Sole proprietorships and partnerships are the two most prevalent forms of commercial legal entities. The most basic kind of business entity is a sole proprietorship, which can have an unlimited number of owners. A documented partnership agreement must be made, and partnerships can only include two or more partners.

Next, there is the limited liability corporation (LLC), which functions similarly to a partnership but spares the firm’s shareholders from personal culpability for its debts and liabilities.

The following questions are the simplest to ask yourself to help you decide which entity is ideal for your business:

Do I wish to have less liability?
Would I like my own tax return?
Will my business go public?
Which business entities have been most successful for enterprises that are similar to mine? After you have your answers, you may focus on determining the kind of entity that will work best for your company.

Running a laundry business without money in 2024

As was previously indicated, you don’t need any money to launch a laundry service! You can still launch without any money if you’re considering the expenses of launching a laundry business in Nigeria and the equipment required, but your account balance won’t allow it.

Start little, save enough, and launch a legitimate laundromat. Moving from house to house and doing the laundry and ironing is the main strategy for starting a dry cleaning service on a shoestring. Everything you require, including soap, water, and basins, is provided by your clients.

This was once very typical in affluent neighborhoods. In upscale establishments in Lagos, it is typical. On weekends, people go wash and iron for others while earning a good living. However, it has proliferated worldwide.

There’s a woman who visits my current residence on weekends. Clean clothes for a few neighbors. They give her water and everything, of course. She receives hefty compensation after completing her work.

It’s only a matter of packing oneself. Go up to people. Families where both parents are employed should be your target market. Offer to wash and iron their clothes when you visit the residence on the weekend or any other day. Customers you find will spread the word to others.

What is the potential earnings for a washing business?
Depending on how you set up and how big your firm is, a laundry service might yield substantial profits. Let’s examine how much money you can make from operating your own laundry business, though, for the purposes of this post.

Assume that the cost to wash and iron a shirt is N500. Depending on where your business is located, you can charge more or less. You wash around twenty shirts in a day. 20 × 500 = N10,000 is the result.

assuming that you charge N1500 for suit washing as well. You can wash up to ten suits in one day. Ten times 1500 equals N15, 000.

Based on the aforementioned, cleaning shirts and suits can You receive N25,000 per day. That’s going to come to N175,000 a week and N700,000.

However, this is only a sliver of it. That can be made ten times over, or even less. Everything relies on how you manage your company. Millions can be earned each month.

In summary

You can generate money from the laundry business, which is a very profitable venture. Select the scale you wish to begin with. Perform your due diligence and research the costs associated with the items in the setting you wish to establish.


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