Ways to Generate money on YouTube in 2024

How to earn to money on YouTube
Ways to Generate money on YouTube in 2024

Ways to Generate money on YouTube in 2024

How to earn to money on YouTube Seeking to learn how to monetize your YouTube channel? because there is a wide window of opportunity for earnings from videos.

The audience on YouTube is enormous. Every day, users log in to the platform and watch several hours of content each week.

Not to mention, YouTube is predicted to bring in an incredible $30.4 billion from advertising by 2023.

The problem is that converting views into money doesn’t happen by coincidence. It involves more than just uploading videos and promoting your YouTube channel. You must have a plan.

That’s why we wrote this guide explaining how to make money on YouTube and what to expect along the way. In addition to traditional monetization strategies, we’ve included new and creative ways to make money on the site in 2024.

You can use YouTube as a real career-building tool if you have a great plan and unwavering commitment. Every day, individuals who create YouTube videos earn enormous sums of money. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been wondering how to launch a YouTube channel and get revenue from it.

What Kind of YouTube Content Is Popular this Days?

To be honest, if you’re creative and enthusiastic about what you do, you can create anything and become well-known on YouTube. On YouTube, users watch a vast array of videos. The following is a list of popular categories on YouTube:


People enjoy listening to quality music and are constantly on the lookout for fresh vocalists that can connect with them. Numerous YouTube channels showcase musicians that either compose their own songs or cover songs by other artists. Indeed, they are all generating money in the process!


These days, we just search the internet for the solution anytime we’re unsure. If you excel in any area, including science, math, or English, You can begin disseminating your expertise on YouTube. People will be extremely appreciative of your help.


In a similar vein to teaching, think about creating tutorial videos in whatever intriguing thing you’re skilled at. On YouTube, “how-to” videos have a lot of popularity. And most of the time, you can make how-to tutorial films with ease by using a screen recorder tool.

Style Guidance

Choose this specific area if you have good fashion sense and would like to share your knowledge and advice with the world. Recall that not everyone is stylish, and those who aren’t will undoubtedly value your efforts. Your subscribers will appreciate you if you can make them appear amazing.

Makeup Instructions

There are a tonne of makeup artists on YouTube. Make-up artists such as Laura Lee, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, and many more are well-known for their entertaining and educational makeup lessons. Each of them earns a substantial income from YouTube.

Cooking Videos

Is it feasible to make money by making culinary videos on YouTube?” You can, of course! YouTube videos including cooking have a huge following. Everyone enjoys exploring the greatest culinary tips available online and loves to eat delicious meals.

Pet Videos

You can share such movies and amuse your audience if you have a dog or cat and enjoy seeing them engage in their hilarious small antics. Additionally, you can post articles about how to take of animals.

Funny Videos

You can quickly gain a sizable number of followers on your channel if you enjoy making jokes or impersonating people.

Technology Videos

Here are the few basic ways to earn on youtube in 2024

1. Become a Partner on YouTube

Understanding the YouTube Partner Program’s operation is crucial if you’ve been wondering how to monetize your YouTube channel. Before their films can be made profitable, YouTube content providers must first be approved for the YouTube Partner Program.

Your YouTube channel will be considered for membership in the Partner program if it reaches 4,000 public views and 1,000 subscribers. It follows that until you meet these targets, you won’t be able to make any money, thus you must keep making content and expanding your channel’s audience. Once you fulfill the requirements of the program, you can submit an application for monetization.

2. Market your own merchandise

Perhaps you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur second and a content producer first. (Remember that Drake is a t-shirt seller.)

Alternatively, you presumably already have a product and are creating your YouTube marketing strategy to sell it because you are a business owner first and a video maker second.

In any case, selling goods on social media, particularly YouTube, is a respectable source of income.

Think of and create your product.
Obtain and/or create your goods
Make a landing page and a shop.
Turn on your YouTube Partner storefront.
In your videos, highlight your merchandise.

3. Obtain assistance from viewers by subscribing to the channel.

YouTube channel memberships are meant to support content creators who wish to make money off of their creations.

Consider subscription services such as Patreon or Twitch. Members pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for channel-specific advantages. This could include unique material, conversation badges, and other items. . These advantages change according on your membership level.

This functionality is especially important for video providers that consider YouTube as their main channel rather than as a supplementary outlet. If you often post to social media or do live streaming, memberships are relatively affordable. As of right now, channel membership criteria is very similar to Partner Program eligibility.

4. Profit from affiliate marketing

The easiest approach to get money from YouTube traffic for beginners may be through affiliate marketing, particularly if you want to create videos reviewing products. This is how it functions:

Applying to join an affiliate program, like Amazon Associates, is as simple as finding a business or seller that offers one.

After you’re approved, you’ll follow their instructions to make unique links to the goods you want to include in your movies.

In your YouTube videos, showcase, evaluate, or mention the products; before uploading, include your unique affiliate marketing link(s) in the description section.

You will receive payment as a brand affiliate when a viewer clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase.

Though Amazon Associates is a fantastic means of earning money on Amazon, there are several alternative options. Explore affiliate marketing platforms like ClickBank and ShareASale to identify potential business partners and products to highlight. You can also look for information on how to become an affiliate on the websites of your preferred products.

In the case that your channel surpasses 20,000 subscribers and you fulfill further qualifying requirements, you may want to consider the YouTube Shopping Affiliate program as an additional revenue stream.

When you record your video, remember to appropriately disclose to your audience that you are associated with the company or brands that are featured. Additionally, make sure that you direct them to the “link in description.”

5. Become Featured on Premium YouTube

What other revenue streams do you have on YouTube outside channel ads? The solution is YouTube Premium.

A paid membership option called YouTube Premium allows users to watch videos without advertisements. Since YouTube Premium subscribers will automatically receive a second revenue stream when their videos are viewed, creators won’t need to take any action.

The majority of money made via Premium membership fees will go to creators, just like with YouTube’s advertising-based income monetization guidelines (total revenue distribution is determined on how much Premium members watch your work).

One benefit of being a premium member is that you may extend your watch time by downloading and watching your films offline and in the background.

6. Enable Monetization on Your Channel

It just requires four steps:

Go to “My Channel” first.
Proceed to select the blue “YouTube Studio (beta)” button.
Next, find the menu and select Monetization under Other Features.
Lastly, press the “Start” button to begin your monetization.
You’re done now! The terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner have been accepted by you. The only thing remaining is to sign up for Google AdSense.. You can start earning money from YouTube with adverts by just connecting your existing account.

7. Employ crowdsourcing

Donation solicitations via the internet are now typical. Crowdfunding is the way that many YouTubers make money, whether they’re wanting to support a personal channel project or build a stream of consistent income from a pool of tiny monthly donations.

Create a crowdfunding account.
Use your videos to promote your campaign.
Move past YouTube


You must become an expert at YouTube marketing if you can generate fantastic videos and are seeking for ways to build a YouTube channel and earn money from it. If you’ve read thus far, you must be aware of how YouTube is monetized and how YouTubers get income online.

Having stated that, get started on YouTube right now and succeed as a YouTuber! Please feel free to forward this tutorial to your friends and ask any questions you may have in the comments section below.

Develop Your Audience Through Regular Posting If you have a YouTube channel, it’s a good idea to post content regularly. This will keep your viewers interested in what you have to offer, which will increase their awareness of your online presence and any associated businesses, such as your e-commerce site. How to earn to money on YouTube


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